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20 avril 2013 6 20 /04 /avril /2013 19:39



 [C]I build this [B]garden for [Em]us {comment:x4} {end_of_chorus} [G]In this garden [A]This lovely garden [A#]I build a [A]temple of [G]love [G]Walk with the Father [A]Won't be a bother [A#]To touch the [A]Earth as it [G]was [C]We'll farm the land each day [B]And in the sunshine we will play Glo[Em]ry glory for the day He [A7]came Our tears had gone away [C]We'll make love in the shade And [B]in the ocean we will bathe[Em] Little fishies in the sea [A7]Say hooray {comment:chorus} In this garden Our children will grow Darling this is a must We'll be so happy Our little family So full of love and trust And darling when we're old We'll close the gates and lock the door Our love will never fade away When it's pure it's forever last And darling when you're cold I'll hold you tight and keep you warm Little darlin' gonna make it through the storm You'll never be alone {new_page} {comment:chorus} In this garden They'll be no war No racial prejudice You'll be my brother Of any color You'll just be okay with us We'll love each day in peace In hope that we will one day reach The rest of the world When they are ready to be teached The kingdom will come Thy will be done On Earth as it is in heaven {comment:chorus} 


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Published by lucky uke
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foto payudara 25/06/2014 16:58

i like this...

lucky uke 29/06/2014 18:53

thanks ;)